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Determination - Inspiration - Fun

The Bride and Groom
High Tea never looked this Good!
The Main Hall
The 1st Dance
Arriving at the Village Hall
Ready for the Off
The Cake
The Band
Now for the Dancing
Pictures on the Lawn
High Tea arrives
Helpers working hard.
The Reception
The Bride & Groom
The Bar
The Bride Arrives in Style
Free Bar Goodies
Decorations Completed
Fully Decorated and ready to go.
More Photos on the Lawn
Finishing Touches
Dressing the Chairs

It's something we always knew.......!

We've always said that the Village Hall would make a great place for a wedding reception but it took Grace and Robert Batley to really demonstrate what could be achieved with determination,  inspiration and a willing team of helpers.

Not only did they plan for something really special but they wanted their wedding to reflect their community - using local providers to add the finishing touches and making sure their were lots of fun elements to reflect the way they live their lives.

OK - so included in their planning they made extensive use of the Village Hall over a complete weekend with a combination of caterers and fast food providers as well as a local brewery to provide the bar.

It was one of those weddings that people will remember for the rest of their lives - not just the Bride and Groom - but all their guests, and, for the right reasons.

So - having asked for permission we thought it might be useful if we shared some of what made Grace & Robert's day so special - click on any of the pictures in the window for a glimpse of what they achieved.

Follow any of the links on the right of this article for more information on the businesses and services that were brought together for their special day..

As we said - we always knew! - but it took Grace and Robert to make it happen.

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