Frequently asked questions

Coal Aston Gala

When is Coal Aston Gala?

Coal Aston Gala takes place on the 1st Saturday in July. For 2022 that will be July the 2nd For 2023 that will be July the 1st etc. etc,

Who do I contact to book a stall, pitch or space at Coal Aston Gala?

In the first instance please email our Gala Team:

Children's Parties

Children's Party Bookings?

The village Hall is ideal for your Children's Party. Check out our special party rates:
1.Click the "ROOM HIRE" - and then 2 Click on "Price List" for latest rates.


Alcoholic Drinks at Coal Aston Village Hall?

The sale of Alcoholic Drinks is only allowed in the Hall by persons appointed by the Village Hall Management Committee.
If a bar is required, the Hirer should complete the Bar Booking Form and return it to Dronfield Town Council with a completed Booking Confirmation Form.
If you intend to bring your own drinks (for private consumption and not for sale) permission must be given from the Village Hall Management Committee. Full details can be found on the Conditions of Letting on the website: 1. Click on the "Duties & Responsibilities" Logo at the top of any Page
- then 2. Click on the "Conditions of Letting" Panel
- then 3. Click the "Go To Link" shown beneath the panel.

Concerts & Artist Bookings

Coal Aston Concert information?

The majority of concerts that take place at Coal Aston Village Hall fall into one of three categories: Coal Aston Live concerts are organised and promoted by Scuppered on a monthly basis.
There are contact details and a message box on our contact page or you can go to Occasional concerts, ceilidhs and dances are promoted by individual charitable and community organisations - check out our Highlights calendar and/or our home page to see upcoming events and contact using the details shown. Coal Aston Village Hall, (the charity), does not promote it's own concerts apart from the above.
However where artists are prepared to promote themselves at their own risk the committee can offer performance facilities on a shared risk basis - by arrangement.
Please use the general enquiries box on our contact page if you are wanting self-promote.

Tickets & Times

We try to ensure that contact details are provided for each and every event that takes place at Coal Aston Village Hall. If you have queries about any event you will need to contact the promoter. 1. For Coal Aston Live, (i.e. Scuppered hosted), concerts contact via 2 For all other events contact the person or organisation provided on the event 'poster' Our home page shows 'posters' for current and future events. Click on any 'poster' for more information, links and/or contact details.

Keeping Fit

How do I find out about any Keep Fit or similar Classes?

Our "Regular Activities" page provides a day by day overview of our regular activities and events. Click on any activity to get the relevant contact details.

Our Community Challenge

What is - Our Community Challenge

To ensure Coal Aston Village Hall recieves enough support to continue as a well maintained, accessible and vibrant part of the community we need to encourage new and varied bookings. The Community Challenge provides a platform where you can start waiting lists for topics that interest you and when we see the level of interest is sufficient we will attempt to organise a 'leader / teacher' who can take your idea forwards. The Community Challenge also provides a pllatform where course providers can 'advertise' the possibility of new courses and sessions being started if there is a sufficient interest. We hope the Community Challenge will encourage a greater participation from everyone in the number and types of activity that take place at our Village Hall.


When are your Stamp Fairs - I want to value some Stamps

There is a Stamp Fair on the THIRD Sunday of each month. Please check our Regular Activities for current detalils:

Do you have any Auction Valuations

Charles Hanson's company runs valuation session on a Tuesday each month. Please check our Regular Activities for current details:


Village Hall Car Parking

There is a car park to the front of the hall for users of the hall and a larger council-owned car park to the rear. Both are free - parking at the owner's risk.