Behind the counter at the Peak Pharmacy in Dronfield's Greendale Shopping Centre works one of our local heroes who has a passion to raise money for Charity.


You would be unlikely to guess what lengths he is prepared to go to use his athletic talents on behalf of others.


So come along and listen to a genuinely engaging speaker as he recounts some of his 'adventures' including:


  • Breaking world records,

  • Winning races,

  • Running & cycling across countries,

  • Surviving wild animal attacks and broken bones,

  • Police escorts,

  • Running with dinosaurs.

  • Running up buildings & mountains. 

  • 200 mile runs, multi-day runs,

  • Coping with snow drifts, heat waves, river crossings, and bogs.


For the privilege of raising thousands of pounds for charity along the way.  


Eckington Road

Derbyshire, S18 3AX

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01246-410611 / 411526


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